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Ellis Cleaning Services are able to offer a complete washroom service from sanitary disposal to air fresheners.

Your selection from our high quality range of sanitary bins will be rigorously serviced at mutually agreed frequency in line with UK legal requirements and Duty of Care certification. Every service visit includes thorough sanitisation, removal and disposal according to waste regulations.

A vital rental service needed for Day Nurseries, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Theatres, Cinemas, etc is provision of Nappy collection and disposal.

Units are fitted with clinical waste sacks and sanitised on every empty.

The frequency of collection for the Nappy Disposal Units can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

These Nappy Disposal Units are often next to baby changing units.

Our automatic Air Freshening systems remove unpleasant odours often found in washrooms. We offer a range of fragrances to create a fresh and clean environment. Air fresheners are installed, serviced and maintained by Ellis Cleaning Services.

Our entrance mats absorb moisture to reduce the risk of slipping and help stop dirt and grit being walked in to your premises. A selection of plain, coloured or patterned mats are available. Heavy-duty rubber backing stops the mats from slipping.

We provide regular collection, delivery, cleaning and replacement of mats.